Hi, I'm Sarah Rhodes.

I'm a photographer based in Phoenix, AZ. I previously worked with the rad team of A Beautiful Mess (which happened to also include my extra handsome husband, Josh).

Josh and I met and got married in Nashville, TN, and it still feels a little like home base for us. From there, we moved to Shelton, WA, and then to Phoenix, AZ, and from there we moved to Springfield, MO to work with ABM. We moved back to Phoenix in the spring of 2015 because we love love love the desert life. (Because I get asked a lot, you can find an ongoing index of our favorite local spots on my Instagram, under the hashtag #rhodesinphx, linked here!)

Josh is incredible, truly talented, and the most creative person I've ever met. You can visit his site here: Josh Makes. We've got two kids - Imogen is nearly two years old, and our son Loyal was born in August of 2015. And the rule of being a parent is you have to take like, a lot of photos of your kids and post them all over social networking, so we are only doing our parental duty. You know how everyone thinks their own kids rule the hardest, but ours actually do.

Some of my popular posts:

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Desert Shoot with Christy (My favorite personal shoot!)

A few things I'm into:

TV I'm currently watching: Fringe, Fixer Upper, Walking Dead... and I'm always up for re-watching 30 Rock or Frasier.

Music currently inspiring me: This time of year (fall) my playlist gets real emo. I also love the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack when I'm baking and my hillbilly starts to kick in.

I once met Bill Clinton. He knocked on my door. He was wearing a jogging suit. It's true.

Photo: Katie Day

Photo: Katie Day

Photo: Katie Day

Photo: Katie Day

I was asked to create beginner-to-professional e-course in Photoshop for A Beautiful Mess that I'm extremely proud of! You can find more info and how to purchase it here. There are a ton of lessons with videos where you'll be walked through the entire process. (And bonus: it's ALWAYS available for you to check back and reference something if you forget!) If you're a photographer starting out, this class will be INVALUABLE to you, and even if you're a blogger, small biz owner, or hobbyist, I think you'll really find the more you know about Photoshop, the more you will begin to set yourself apart visually from the rest when you know how to create extra dynamic images and graphics. You'll definitely find a lot in this course that isn't being taught in any other online Photoshop course, and I worked super hard to make it that way! <3 I hope you'll check it out.

If you're a photo nerd like me, you may want to check out the packs of Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets I created for A Beautiful Mess (found here!). You can find examples in each pack. Do I have a favorite? Good question - I have favorites from each pack, but I probably use the Signature Collection the most in Photoshop, although I'm super partial to the Lightroom collection! :)

Every day I learn more about what it means to love others and try lo live as selflessly as Christ. But I struggle with loving others and with faith as much as anybody does! I want to put myself out there honestly and I even considered leaving this part out of my bio page, but if you ever have questions about our beliefs (or anything else!) you are always welcome to ask me - just send me an email. { sarah AT arrowandapple DOT com }

I never really know what else to write in these things, so mostly I'll let the photographs and the blog speak for me.

Thanks for being a part of this community with us!


some of my most recent snapshots, via Instagram.