Dress Up Your Entryway

Our days are sweltering lately, so I don't know about you, but heavy gardening outside this time of year is a big NOPE! Thankfully this project that I partnered with TruGreen on is very minimal outdoor work. ;) Today we are sharing how to dress up your entry way with some simple plants and planters as part of our series on boosting your home's curb appeal! This project is really more shopping than anything, and I love it because it's especially renter-friendly and easy to change around depending on the season and the plants you'd like to showcase by your home.

The supplies needed for this are pretty simple!

  • Planters
  • Plants
  • Potting soil & garden trough

TIP: To keep it looking interesting, when you're shopping for planters, remember to shop for planters of all sizes and throw in a couple of cool textures, too! For instance, make sure and get 1-2 large planters, 3-4 medium sized planters, and 2-3 small planters. Remember to shop for plants of different heights and types as well! This is purely preference, but I tend to love asymmetry around an entryway because it seems like it helps create a flow to feel more inviting.

So here is the entryway before we started:

It's cute and well-kept, but needed a little oomph, to give you a very technical word. Try and keep up!! ;) To see the "after," be sure and watch the video below!

Okay what did you think? I totally love how it turned out, if I say so myself! I found most of the planters at Target and some at our local nursery. If you're local, what's your favorite place for plant shopping? I'm always looking for more nurseries!

If you missed our past posts with TruGreen, you can see our wall garden HERE and our DIY fountain HERE. Be sure and follow TruGreen's Instagram page for a lot more ideas on how to live life outside!

This post was in partnership with TruGreen, because we'd like to encourage you to live life outside! But as always, opinions are my own.

Build Your Own (SUPER Easy) Fountain!

Hey guys! I'm partnering again with TruGreen to show you how to bring more curb appeal to your home to help you Live Life Outside - and this time we are going to build a really easy little fountain. No tools required, you guys! That's how easy this is!

We made this quick little video to show you how! Below, you can also see my extra tips on building your fountain.

1. To make this REALLY easy on yourself, choose two planters of various sizes - bonus if the top one has a hole in the bottom already! I found these two planters at Target! Otherwise, you can choose any kind of basin for the top part of the fountain, but if it doesn't have a hole and it is ceramic, you will have to drill a hole using a masonry bit. The bottom basin does not need to have a hole - in fact, if it does have a hole, you will have to seal it up to ensure that the water doesn't escape!

2. Choose a small submersible pump for your fountain! The type of tubing you purchase depends on the opening the pump you purchase specifies. Our pump said the opening was 1/2", so we bought 1/2" tubing. Pretty simple!

3. When you use the waterproof silicone, you will need to give it at least 24 hours to dry before you expose it to the water! Through the magic of video we were able to make it look like this takes one afternoon, and though it really is not a time-consuming project at all (it maybe takes an hour to build, tops!), you will need to plan ahead and make sure everything is properly sealed and dried before you can add your water. :)

4. We chose to drape the the pump cord over the bottom basin and hide it behind the fountain (you can't see it from the front, but you can see it in the overhead photo below). If you want a little more of a discreet look, you can drill a hole into the basin and splice the cord, but ONLY do so if you know what you're doing (or you know someone who does). Electrical stuff is no joke, especially in close proximity to water!

5. We were able to find our pump, tubing, river rocks, and silicone all at our local hardware store! If you feel intimidated looking for them, don't be bashful about asking someone. :)

Let me know if you try this out!! I was shocked how easy a fountain is to actually build. I'm convinced my 3 year old could have done it, too - in fact, it might be a fun project to do with your little ones - why not!? Get outside and make something fun together! :)

This is part two of our series on ways to boost your curb appeal of your home or apartment - expect more to come (and click HERE to see how we built a wall garden). Be sure and follow TruGreen's Instagram page for a lot more ideas on how to live life outside!

This post was created in partnership with TruGreen, but all thoughts and ideas are my own! Thanks for supporting the companies that support us!

Cuter Tudor: The Living Area + Kitchen

First off, I have to throw this out there, if you're in Phoenix today then you are CELEBRATING with me because last week it was 108 degrees, and today it's 65. WE ARE IN HEAVEN. Hah!

As I've been getting a ton of questions about the various pieces in the living room of the Cuter Tudor, I've decided to do a few more posts and go a little more in-depth on my design choices and everything!

I think I mentioned this in my house reveal post, but right off the bat, the whole design of the living room started with these two mossy green Embrace chairs from Article. They're velvet, and they are incredible. I was already looking for a way to incorporate Pantone's color of the year (Greenery!) into this home besides just using plants, so it seemed like a no-brainer decision (now that I say that, you'll notice the subtle pops of green here and there... maybe!?).  Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they're insanely comfy - perfect for after-dinner conversation with friends or a quiet morning with a mug of coffee. They're also the first impression when you walk in the door of this house!

If you've never heard of Article, let's get a proper intro! Article is an online-only source for unique mid-century and contemporary furniture. I LOVE this company more than I can say. The quality is amazing, and the prices are so affordable because they are online-only! I'm endlessly inspired browsing through their products and they keep creating amazing new collections.

So anyway, once I had the chairs, I actually used them to influence other design choices we went with (like lighting fixtures, tile, etc). I know that sounds a little backwards, but it just felt like the right thing to do! I think in a way, it helps the design of the actual home to retain a more timeless feel, when you make your strong design choices with your furnishings. I don't know about you guys, but my tastes are constantly changing. I don't think I could ever commit to a really wild and colorful tile for fear I would get tired of it in a month.

I've gotten the most questions about this gorgeous rug, but sorry ya'll, this was an Offer Up find! (Offer Up is like Craigslist if you haven't heard of it). It happened to have all the right shades and it was really unique, and a great deal. The lightweight concrete side tables were made by my handsome husband (Josh Makes). The sofa is actually our personal sofa - sometimes with homes we end up playing musical furniture - but this one is the perfect size (it's an apartment-sized sofa) and just felt right. The large faceted mirror was also one of those perfect second hand finds! (The trick to great finds is to sift through A LOT OF CRAPPY STUFF. Seriously!)

We live in the Coronado neighborhood in Phoenix, and I think our neighborhood yard sales, message board finds, and estate sales are the best. The cow skull and small antique oil painting over the euphorbia (the thing that looks like a cactus) were both finds from one of my neighbors! Most of the other little trinkets, stoneware, and small paintings were also local thrift / antique store finds. (How good is that green hand!? It spoke to me so I had to get it.)

In the kitchen, the black bentwood chairs were another Offer Up find, and the table we purchased from CB2, and next to the cow skull you'll see one of MANY of my favorite minimalist candles from Standard Wax. I love them!

Okay - let's talk sources! One of the things I get asked about the most is the geometric tile we put in the small laundry room! I originally wanted to put it all throughout the kitchen but in the end, I'm glad we chose to just have a surprise little splash of it. Home Depot (online) will let you purchase single tiles if you want to try it out, but the best price is from AllModern. It's like a budget-friendly version of cement tile, because it's porcelain and printed, but you can't really tell unless you're a few inches away from it.

The sconces over the fireplace we originally bought for our last house, but they ended up being too big to work. But it's kinda like they were meant for this house! I found them on Homary.com.

The hanging pendant over the kitchen is from World Market - it was not hard-wired, so we had an electrician convert it to a hard-wired fixture. We also found these colorful chindi balls from World Market, too. It ended up being great because we needed to stage the fireplace with something decorative. WHO KNEW they could serve a purpose!?

If you're in the Phoenix area, you are in LUCK because we have this crazy awesome place called Desert Liquidators, which is where I sourced the marble counter tops, the wall tile in the kitchen, and the laminate flooring throughout the house (I'm usually very anti-laminate, but I LOVED this. You can't see a repeating pattern, and the color and quality were great... so I made an exception!). The cabinets were from another local cabinet place, too, but I'm not sure of the name of it (sorry!) as our contractor handled that.

Lots of people have asked about the ceiling fan, but I sadly cannot recommend it, as it came in a non-working condition and we have since had to replace it! But I found a great replacement on Amazon. It's surprisingly hard to find a good white fan without a light on a budget.

Alright! I think that's all as far as sources go, but if you see anything else that I didn't mention, feel free to ask about it! :)

This post was sponsored by the freaking awesome folks at Article, but as usual all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the people who support us!  I only partner with brands I truly believe in and would be happy to support as a customer and I can't say enough good things about Article