The Future of Arrow & Apple | Pretty Big Announcement Folks

Hey guys!

We have a pretty incredible announcement to make today.

From this point on, I am no longer booking any more weddings, or I guess anything, for that matter! I've accepted a full-time position with two of my favorite ladies (and both former brides of mine!), Elsie + Emma, to do photography and videography full-time on their blog, A Beautiful Mess, as well as for future books of theirs and even projects beyond that! I'm so excited. It feels like that time that you made the varsity team and you couldn't stop punching the air.

If you haven't visited their blog, it's unreal how much content they are constantly coming up with - new projects, recipes, ideas, and even photography hacks. These two even came out with an App this year (have you seen that hashtag #abeautifulmess?) and I'm pretty sure their vision has no limits.

Photograph via A Beautiful MessThey're even releasing their first book soon. What!?

Josh and I are so excited to join their team, but this job does require a move to Springfield, Missouri. We'll be moving there in February. So that's the second part of this announcement!


So what does this mean for....

Current Clients?

To our clients who are waiting on photos, promise, they're on the way. :)

To our current clients who have already signed a contract and booked us for a future date, there's no difference here, you're set and good to go! If you have any questions or concerns definitely email me, but there will literally be no difference in me shooting your wedding with this job, from me shooting your wedding now. :)

Future Clients?

Sorry ya'll. No future clients. :) Unless we're buds and we talked about it. Obv.

E-Course Students?

As promised when we released the course a year ago, the course will be up for two years total. That means we have one more year of the course remaining before it expires next July!

The main difference over the next year is that I will not be as available to answer questions as I was previously - you might have even noticed that recently (hello, busiest wedding season ever!). I'll answer questions when I can until December, but I can't make the same promises with a fast response that I could make a year ago.

If you're interested in signing up for the course before it's gone, It will be available for sale until December 31st. Until August 12th, 2013, the Study of Light course will be HALF OFF. Get it here!

This blog?

I'll be keeping this blog as a personal blog, updating with a lot more personal photos from our new life. I'm actually going to be updating the site completely so keep an eye out. :) I could never trash our beloved Arrow & Apple space on the webz.


We're so excited to join Elsie + Emma's whole team and to make a new home in the Midwest. Hope ya'll are as pumped as we are. :) xo, Josh + Sarah



Happy Fourth of July, from Phoenix!  

Happy Independence Day everyone over here in USA! Today seemed like the perfect day to finally blog some photos from one of our articles for Frances Loves magazine that we shot a couple of months ago - our very own Fourth of July dinner party, hosted and prepared by our good friend Brendan McCaskey! (Such talent!!) You can also find some of these recipes on their blog.

If you're local, you can see more in the Frances Loves summer guide - pick it up at either of the Frances stores here in Phoenix. :) Josh did all of the design and I did all of the photography so it's truly been a labor of love.

Hope you're all enjoying your holiday however you decide to celebrate it!