When Summer meets Fall

Lately it's started to feel almost like fall, even though it's only August! We have a few trees that have started dropping yellow leaves, and the light outside almost feels a little different also. I haven't seen fireflies in awhile. We've loved the summer here, I think there was only a week or so that got higher than 90 degrees, which is crazy, but it's been plenty humid, too.

Yesterday after work I had to take some photos of Imogen. I say "had to" because, well, I have something in me that has to keep photographing our daughter. She's my favorite person in the world to take photos of. She's nearly 9 months old now! She sits up on her own and she's started trying to crawl / scoot around. She's a determined little punk and she isn't a big fan of "sitting still." Anyway. Here are some photos. (Her sweet outfit is from Willaby).


These days, my off time is divided between editing weddings and working on this house so we can move in this month!! Not to mention family time :) So here's some photos of our house progress! I'm really excited about it. 

First, we got rid of wallpaper.  



Then we began painting Imogen's room... We haven't finished. 


The previous owners left a box of things that they found in the walls of this house and it's amazing! Christmas cards and ornaments from the late 1800s, a woman's shoe, and a school girls homework from 1909 that is surprisingly not bug-eaten or moldy! It is so fun to read. 





As we were removing wallpaper, one plaster wall behind it began crumbling down. We are having to replace the whole wall, so while we're at it, we are having the doorway widened to make it feel a lot more open! We aren't DIYing this part! ;) 



We are having to replace another wall too, but this brings us up to where we are in the process! We also have to have the whole place painted and we are hopefully moving in in the next 2-3 weeks!! 

And a photo of Imogen just because.  



happy weekend! 

Hi again.

Well, it's been nearly a year since I last blogged. I've been working on this site update for just over a year but it manages to keep getting pushed to lowest priority. The other night I did a dumb thing and stayed up wayyy too late, and finally finished it. Go me! I felt pretty accomplished for about 10 minutes and then I was like, why am I doing with my life? GO TO BED.

So, in the past year, we had a baby (she's the best) and moved from Phoenix, AZ to Springfield, MO. I am finishing up the weddings I had booked last year but I won't be posting weddings on this blog regularly anymore!

We had a big week this week, and for the first time ever, we put an offer on a house and it was accepted. (We did not own our house in Phoenix, we were leasing it from my dad.) For anyone who's bought a home before, you know there are several more steps in the process before it's officially ours! But we're pretty excited and already planning improvements and browsing for area rugs online and stuff like that. It's a beautiful Victorian home built in 1866. I've started the "Park House" tab at the top to document the process of our home from before to after. I might have jumped the gun on that so cross your fingers that I don't have to delete that tab. ;) Here are some iPhone shots I got as we looked at the home the first time.

If they knew what we were going to do to this house, they wouldn’t sell it to us.
— Josh

Real updates coming soon hopefully. :)