Nashville Bucket List: Antique Mall!

When I (Sarah) was really young, my parents used to drag us kids along with them to every. single. Antique shop they could find. I'd like to tell you that us kids were okay with this, that we were awesome and understood the value of a great vintage steal at a young age, but that would be a real stretch. We protested and argued and sighed loudly any time our roadtrips took an unexpected pit-stop at every single dusty old shanty along the highway with old relics sitting out front. Charming children we were. But naturally I became my parent's daughter, and luckily married a man who also enjoys a good antique / vintage spot.

So it's a real shame that we JUST heard of this amazing antique mall on 8th avenue LAST WEEK. Yes - that's three weeks before moving! Of course! But we love this spot, it's full of amazing vendors, and even has a pretty large section of vintage men's and women's clothing. Thanks to Chad at Imogene & Willie who told us about this spot. So awesome. Definitely our favorite in Nashville.

The entrance is discreet. We took it as a good sign.

Another good sign. Literally. Hawhawhaw

I think the lamp on the left is made out of a corn cob. What?!