Christy / Phoenix, AZ

Our lovely friend Christy (who you might remember from our desert session) was visiting town again from Nashville (yay!) and because I love photographing her, we decided to do a quick session last week. It was seriously perfect timing.

You know how sometimes you find yourselves in ruts? I know I do with so many areas of life. It's easy to stick with what's comfortable to you, and the same is so true in photography. You either stick with the same lens, or the same lighting situations, etc. If you follow our blog, you know that I really love shooting outdoors, and using the daylight as my light source. I love the real-life quality that happens in those photos, but with Christy being a willing model, I decided to do everything DIFFERENTLY. It was so fun and refreshing to step out of my rut and to make awesome things happen indoors with lighting, and different lighting scenarios too! I'm really excited by how these turned out and I hope you enjoy them. And of course... we stepped outside for a few at the end. ;)