When Summer meets Fall

Lately it's started to feel almost like fall, even though it's only August! We have a few trees that have started dropping yellow leaves, and the light outside almost feels a little different also. I haven't seen fireflies in awhile. We've loved the summer here, I think there was only a week or so that got higher than 90 degrees, which is crazy, but it's been plenty humid, too.

Yesterday after work I had to take some photos of Imogen. I say "had to" because, well, I have something in me that has to keep photographing our daughter. She's my favorite person in the world to take photos of. She's nearly 9 months old now! She sits up on her own and she's started trying to crawl / scoot around. She's a determined little punk and she isn't a big fan of "sitting still." Anyway. Here are some photos. (Her sweet outfit is from Willaby).