Christmas Cookies with IQ

I gotta come clean. I never felt like having personal photos taken was important until we had kids. I think that's a big part of how I lost my passion for portrait photography (I didn't believe what I was doing was important) but that's another story. It's not that I felt like photos of Josh and I were unimportant, it's just maybe that it seemed unnecessary? I don't know. But kids grow SO quickly, and now I understand how special it is to freeze this little bit of time we have with our littles before they are way too cool for us. Ah, my heart hurts just thinking about that!

My beautiful and extremely talented friend Constance Higley was so kind to take these photos of me and IQ making gingerbread cookies at her house the other day and I know I will love, love, love these forever. Thank you so much sweet Stancy!! Here are a few of my favorites that I can't wait to print!

Imogen's beautiful apron is from Odette Williams.
Photos by Constance Higley.