Tired Lady Style

So after such an incredible response on this Instagram post regarding mama style for bigger (babe) bods, I decided to jump right into it, since I was seeing my friend Constance this morning and she's an amazing photographer! Seriously she's so good. Look her up!

I am a size 12, and in shirts I usually wear an XL or L depending on the brand. Sometimes, even the XLs don't fit. I spent a little time this week scrolling for outfit inspiration, and finding lots of cute outfits, but constantly found myself thinking "wow, that would look terrible on me. It looks great on her because she's thinner." Not meaning to throw shade on anybody for being skinny! But for us fuller-figured ladies, just certain things are a no-go. And we are harder to dress in a flattering way. Right? Thus begins my search for style that's flattering, affordable, and starting to put together outfits. Having the visuals really helps! I decided to call this "tired lady style" since not everyone's a mama, and just because you're not a mom doesn't mean you're not tired and in a style pickle like I am.

Here's my musts:

  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Practicality
  • Personality

And right off the bat, I have a few staples:

  • Shoes I don't have to lace
  • Big bag for carrying everything including a roll of toilet paper just because FOREVER SICK
  • Lipstick (helps a tired face look happy - draws attention away from major eye bags)

Tank: Target
Sweater: Anthropologie (It was a splurge but it's become a wardrobe staple)
Necklace: Shape Shape Shape Shape
Jeans: Gap (THESE are my very favorite jeans!)
Shoes: Vans
Bag: Madewell
Watch: Daniel Wellington - Classic Black

What are your daily staples or outfit requirements? Do you feel like you have a uniform?