Cuter Tudor

It's about time I updated the blog with some big news from our REAL LIFE - we bought another house to flip! We officially closed yesterday and this one already has my heart with it's cutie pie Tudor charm. I'm about to show you some before photos - it's like my friend Kevin McAllister always says, "This is it. Don't get scared now."

First impressions: WOW. Right? And when you see this house for the first time, your eyes are darting around. You're wondering - is that blood on the door frame? Did somebody die here? Did somebody just collect large amounts of cat pee and then dump it in every crevice of this house? Will I fall through these floor boards? Is this a trap?

But friends, I assure you it's not a trap, and I'm like 80% sure that's paint and not blood, and projects like this EXCITE me so much because it's like a total blank slate! We are going to pretty much be starting from scratch here and I couldn't be more excited to get going. My friends Rob + Christina (of the New Darlings) went with me to walk through this morning and I was so inspired that I came straight home, ordered tile samples, and made a house mood board. It's just the start but I wanted to share it, and it'll be fun to see if the finished product ends up being anything like this or if I totally change my mind before it's all said and done! Okay so... What do you guys think!?