Yeah, Please... and other IQisms

As I write this, Imogen is now 2 years and 3 months old, and her response to everything is my favorite: "Yeah, please." Imogen, are you hungry? Yeah, please. Do you love papa? Yeah, please. Are you having a bad attitude? Yeah, please.

It's hard not to laugh sometimes but I love it.

We moved into this new home almost 3 weeks ago and it has made a world of difference to us - most importantly, we have a YARD now. A yard for Imogen to play and explore. It's not huge but it's fenced and it's some space to get some energy out and we love it!

It feels like it took 3 months to discover our new normal after Imogen was born. With Loyal, it's taken 6. I think when you throw extra kids and moving into the mix everything takes longer to get used to. But our new normal involves a little play time with IQ during Loyal's first nap, and I love it! Especially now that we have a little space outside to escape, and as long as we have PERFECT days like today - a little overcast and 70 degrees. Can't ask for much better than that!

Give the girl an aloe flower and she'll be happy for like 15 minutes, or until she completely destroys it. ;) (Also- the little cube chair is one of Josh's creations!! It's so unique and I love it and most importantly, IQ loves it.)

And there she goes. Back into her whirlwind of perpetual motion. Two is such a fun age. Fun -slash- eye-twich-inducing.

Other IQisms:
She loves to declare when Loyal is happy and when he isn't.
She's so caring. Last night I was having a pretty scary allergy attack, and I was sitting on the floor with my nebulizer. Imogen saw me and immediately became concerned, came over to me, and in the most gentle voice said "Kay?" while her little hand started rubbing my shoulder. I melted. She is constantly concerned about Loyal's well-being, too. :)
She loves to declare "OH, CUTE!" when she thinks something's cute (particularly clothes). She'll repeat it like four times in a row when it's REALLY cute.
She loves to sing - her little songs are gibberish but I can tell she's so proud of them. <3

/// shoes from Baby Gap. Romper courtesy of PAUSH available at Sweet Threads.