Adding a Home Office... because I'm a professional, dangit.

I haven't really thought about having a desk since I was in college. It seems like kind of a college-y thing to have, at least from my associations with desks. But as our business is growing, and our bills and file folders are taking up half of our dining table usually (anyone else guilty of this?!) we figured it was about time we had more of a dedicated workspace in our house, even though our rental house is pretty tiny. Our solution was just to bring in a desk and chair into our living area and make it work for now, as we are hoping to move soon ourselves! I love this special little space and it's so nice to be able to compartmentalize our spaces. Plus, I like not having contracts and receipts underneath our plates as we are eating dinner. Haha! (I'm exaggerating. I'm a little more organized than that. A little.)

I partnered with AllModern on this post, because as AllModern was our main source for fixtures and everything for our last flip house, it was such a natural partnership! Customer for life over here.

So the main pieces I started with were the desk and this rug, both from AllModern! Our walls (as it's a rental) are a light beige, which is not the easiest thing to work with. But I love this rug - it has more of a tan / beige tone but the colors are bright enough that it pops, so it doesn't look out of place in a beige room, and it will work well in a brighter room for our future spaces. Highly recommend if you're in a beige rental situation such as ourselves. ;) This desk also seemed like the perfect fit and I love the two-tone style with the simple, modern lines.

I found this leather cantilever chair at Goodwill for a cool $5! I was like, I cantilever, I have to buy her. (I'll be here all week!) It was in pretty sad shape, but a little cleaning and leather conditioner brought it back to life. I threw a little sheepskin over it for full blogger marks. Also because it's comfy. Whatever!

And feel free to judge my drink count, here. Actually, running 2 drinks deep at a time is kind of a regular thing for me. I love my beverages! I like balancing out hot and cold, sweet and unsweet. Or just switching it up between sips. I know, I'm a freak. Send me to the grocery store for a few things and I'll come back with half a cart of different types of beverages. Big fan of hydration over here.

And then a few finishing touches - some of my favorite inspirational books, my favorite candles ever from Standard Wax, and a little plant friend in a planter from Line Line Co.

Anyway, I'm sure this will all be switched around soon because that's just how furniture goes in our house but I'm so happy with this little setup! How would you add a workspace to an already full home? Let's hear those creative solutions! :)

This post is in partnership with AllModern, but as always, thoughts and opinions are totally my own. :) And for real, I'm a big fan. Go have a look at what they offer!