Suspenders and Pigtails

A little bit of honesty here! So secretly I'm jealous of all the moms that have their lives together and take monthly photos of their kids their whole life. Our life goes something like this. "Is today the 21st?" "Yep." "Oh crap. Imogen turned 9 months two days ago." So don't worry -  we're pretty good at keeping track of the months, but it's the other things, the sitting up, the crawling, the first tooth - those kinds of things, I think we're really good at celebrating. Or even celebrating just things that are happening that feel special, like playing outside with our gal after work. At one point I got up to run and get my phone to take photos, and mid-sprint, I went for the big camera, and I'm so glad I did (I always say this. I'm always glad I did. What a dope for not using it more!).

When Summer meets Fall

Lately it's started to feel almost like fall, even though it's only August! We have a few trees that have started dropping yellow leaves, and the light outside almost feels a little different also. I haven't seen fireflies in awhile. We've loved the summer here, I think there was only a week or so that got higher than 90 degrees, which is crazy, but it's been plenty humid, too.

Yesterday after work I had to take some photos of Imogen. I say "had to" because, well, I have something in me that has to keep photographing our daughter. She's my favorite person in the world to take photos of. She's nearly 9 months old now! She sits up on her own and she's started trying to crawl / scoot around. She's a determined little punk and she isn't a big fan of "sitting still." Anyway. Here are some photos. (Her sweet outfit is from Willaby).