Felix + Laura are Married | Phoenix, Arizona Wedding Photographer

I'm not sure that anything in the world could have made Felix + Laura's wedding this past weekend any sweeter than it was. I'm not talking about all of the handmade elements - colorful yarn pom-poms everywhere, the handmade (!!!) flags made by Laura's mom strewn across the backyard of the Maricopa Manor, or even the amazing VW Van decorated out front to welcome guests. I'm talking about Felix and Laura as a team - these two adore each other - you can see their hearts at rest when they're together. It is the sweetest thing. :) I'm so grateful we were there to witness their lovely wedding!

Laura's gorgeous dress was handmade by Cleo and Clementine in Phoenix, AZ.


Rebecca Green Is Our Friend

Remember that time I posted this photo and this photo on Instagram and just about everybody freaked out? It's because our friend Rebecca Green is an extraordinary artist and we're proud to call her our friend! Please don't take my word for it - head over to her site like right now. ;)

She graciously let me come by and let me take some photos of her as she worked on a mural on the side of her studio in downtown Phoenix.