Doug + Sarah's Backyard Wedding | Gilbert, Arizona

What would you get if you rolled a sweet backyard wedding, taxidermy with bridal portraits, and a DeLorean as a getaway car all rolled into one? Well my friends, you're about to see.

I first got to meet Sarah, her mom, and her bridesmaid Jana at the Bridal show we did back in June, so I have to say they were our first official couple that we booked in Phoenix! Aw. :) Doug + Sarah have the funniest sense of humor, so I had to include a few silly shots here and there, because it'd be kind of rude of me to hide their personalities when there's so much of it.

And just a side note, at our first meeting with the two of them, Doug admitted he hates being photographed and hates ever having his picture taken. Any of you guys out there relate? Any of you brides kind of nervous because your grooms avoid the camera like the black death? This is how that situation usually turns out - there's nothing to fear. Doug and Sarah BOTH were so amazing in front of the camera, we actually had a really fun time! So grooms of the world - don't fear the camera. I've never met a groom who loved being photographed. :)

Instead of cutting a cake, Doug + Sarah chose to make floats! Such a great idea!



A Little Play, with VSCO Film 03

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right?

I posted yesterday about Visual Supply Company's new preset pack, Film 03. I have to say, every time they release something new, it feels like my birthday. I love getting to play with their presets, find new favorites, and see what new range I have to run with. To be honest, I really don't like editing. If you know me, you know that. Most photographers don't! We like shooting, visualizing, planning, and then we like the end result. It's somewhere in the middle that becomes really hard to be excited about. But VSCO has really made editing feel like a little bit of Play with how unique and tight their presets are, and I totally love them for it.

I know you're like, what's so special about another film pack? Film 03 is really based on instant films (a little more about it here); it has presets based on both professional and consumer grade instant films, as well as a tool kit that has settings like Old Lens and clarity down, to give it that good old fashioned plastic lens feel. ;) I processed this shoot we did a couple months ago with the lovely Courtney (her blog here!) and fell in love with this look of imagining I did the entire shoot with instant film. I love that it is pushing my creative boundaries with my editing looks.

Have you gotten it and played around with it yet? Anyone have any favorites so far? ;)