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Q. Do you still shoot weddings?

A. I don't ... usually. I might be able to be coerced. :) I am available for commercial-type freelance shoots, and starting in 2016 I'll be taking limited portrait sessions once more.


Q. We're coming to visit Phoenix, where do you recommend we eat / get coffee?

A. Look here for all of my Phoenix favs I've posted on Instagram! Short list: If you're a bargain shopper, go to Last Chance for clothes / shoes etc. and SAS Fabrics for fabric and leather. Pizza: Federal or La Grande Orange. Coffee / breakfast: Lux, Giant, Lola, Vovomeena, Ollie Vaughn's. Boutique shopping: Frances, Made, Grow-Op, Bunky Boutique. Outdoors: We love going to Papago Park / Hole in the Rock, as well as the Desert Botanical Garden.


Q. Do you do promotional blog posts or Instagram posts? Do you accept advertisers?

A. Sure! I do accept promotional items for Instagram promotional posts as well as blog posts, but I have a limited number of promotional posts I do. We also only partner with brands that align well with our personal style (modern and colorful), brands that we would naturally want to promote or support, and we ask that we can choose the product ourselves because it is important to us to be sincere in our promotion! If you are interested in partnering, you may email sarah AT arrowandapple DOT com.


Q. What is your background in photography, and how long have you been a photographer?

A. Long answer! I studied photography at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina, and graduated with my Associates' in Commercial Photography in 2005. RCC has one of the best photography programs in our great nation! I'm so grateful for that as part of my background. I interned with two phenomenal commercial photographers during school: Dero Sanford in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Mike Carroll in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shortly after graduating, I worked as an apprentice for Whitebox Weddings, a really fantastic and inspiring wedding photography duo. I launched my own business in 2010 and was a full-time wedding photographer until February of 2014, when I began working for A Beautiful Mess.


Q. How did you meet Elsie, Emma, and the A Beautiful Mess team?

A. It's a beautiful, beautiful story! Basically, I followed the blog for years, and when Elsie announced that she and Jeremy were engaged, I wrote her an email and asked if she would please let me shoot her wedding. Total shocker that she wrote back and said yes! I also got to photograph Emma + Trey's wedding as well, and had so much fun getting to know all of them through their weddings and engagements over the past almost 4 years (!). Once they felt like they needed to hire a full-time photographer, I became the luckiest lady in all of the land, and we moved to Springfield, MO to work full-time at A Beautiful Mess.


Q. Should I print my images? What companies do you suggest using?

A. YES! Do it. We've used Artifact Uprising for our personal albums, Sticky9 for fun Instagram magnets, and love using Mpix for your basic prints. All good companies! But whatever you want to use, just make sure you have prints of your images!