Hey! My name is Sarah Rhodes, and Arrow & Apple is my photography adventure. I hate writing about myself, but I hate even more when these things are written in third person, because nobody talks like that! So here goes.


I'm based in Phoenix, Arizona, but I travel all over the place for weddings. Seriously! The majority of my weddings are out of state for me, but I love it.

I graduated with my Associates' Degree in Commercial Photography in 2005, and I've been shooting ever since. You can read a little more about my background in the FAQ section.

I am a photographer full time. Fueled by coffee and episodes of Frasier in the background.

My photography work been featured in ReadyMade magazine (RIP), as well as online on:

As well as numerous DIY shoots for A Beautiful Mess, Apartment Therapy, The Nest, Design*Sponge, and Re-Nest.

The very first wedding I remember going to, the guys at our kid table got a hold of the helium balloons, and began singing "The Lollipop Guild" in their shrunken tiny little voices. I think that's the hardest I've laughed in my whole life, but I really love the association I have of weddings with embarrassingly loud laughter.

My approach to wedding photography is a little bit different, in that I love to take the time to engage in your life before the ceremony, so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day! It makes a huge difference in the final outcome. My goal is to balance professionalism with friendship, so that the people you hire to photograph you aren't strangers. I like to start by just getting to know you over a cup of coffee! Your stories, your love, and your lives are what I'm interested in. And I really do love to laugh along with you.

Asking yourself any more questions about what I do, or particulars about what a wedding or engagement session entails? Read the FAQ before sending an email! hello (at) arrowandapple.com



I'm married to this mega stud who does amazing graphic design (my logo, whut whut!), and hey builds these sweet honeycomb shelves and dabbles in all sorts of woodworks. Visit his site, Subtle Takeover, and his store! We love collaborating with each other.

I've lived in a zillion states nearly. TX, NC, FL, NY, PA, AR, TN, WA, AZ. We love traveling.

Things I like:

  • making lists
  • TV recently - Downton Abbey (Mary + Matthew you guys!), Arrested Development, MythBusters, Parks and Recreation among others.
  • Anything Harry Potter. I eat that crap up. I draw the line at wearing wizard robes until I get pregnant one day, pregnant ladies get away with anything.
  • thrift stores. I get it, I'm a hipster! I can't resist a great mid-century find for cheap.
  • donuts. I don't really have to explain this one.
  • making things! Creating something with your hands is one of the most fulfilling feelings out there.
  • our church in Phoenix and our old church in Nashville. Like family!
  • our weird dog, Sadie. She hates the camera, it saddens me.
  • baking treats
  • sushi dates with the Mr.
  • COFFEE. The caps should indicate its importance, despite its list placement.
  • making new friends!


If you really want to know more, you can follow my little personal chickenscratch blog, Apache & Honeysuckle.

Photograph of the two of us was kindly taken by our friends at Ulmer Studios.