Ashley + Justin


"Sarah was without a doubt the most incredible blessing to us on our big day. She is a gem, as a person and a photographer. Her eye is incredible, and absolutely every moment we wanted captured was and more. All of our pre-wedding sessions with her were fantastic as well. Sarah is more than modest about her abilities, skill, and talent. She is simply put the best photographer we’ve ever encountered. We would recommend her services to anyone and everyone! We love Sarah!!"













Sarah + Woody

"After my brother got married to Sarah, whom I knew very little of except for the fact that we shared each others name, I was impressed to notice her gentle yet beautiful bold and fun spirit. I was excited that she was going to be our photographer for our big wedding day. How was I able to get to know that spirit? Just looking back at my brother's stunning wedding photos and having heard that Sarah was greatly involved in the details of them, I was impressed.

I learned over time that Sarah had spent some years developing a unique style in her photography and how she wanted to grow more in experience. Because I was a bride who was looking for high quality photography yet affordable, I could trust that she would be able to do both. I could trust she would bring out the details in the moments that no one else would see.

Saturday, July 3, 2010 came and went but I have gorgeous pictures she captured that I can look back on. She made me feel like a star!! She also was genuine with everyone else when moments became hectic. Even though the day sped quickly by for us we have great pictures that slowed all of that down.

My favorite set of pictures, which there are many of, was when Woody and I decided to escape all the excitement and be alone in a scenic setting together. In those pictures I am able to see a sweet tender love in Woody's eyes as he held me or when we were walking hand in hand, me in my white gown and Woody in his handsome black tux. Those moments were unforgetable! I bet Woody would say the same.
One last thought and voice of appreciation is this. I love how organized the photos came to us. They were so easy to go through and look back on. Thank you, Sarah for your thoughtfulness in the challenging details and for your professional work!!! I would recommend Sarah to anyone and not because we share each others name!" 


Ashley + Andy

"Andy and I knew two things going into our wedding planning process.  The first was that we wanted to budget the most for our pictures, sparing nothing to get what we wanted.  The second was that we wanted to involve as many friends and their crafts to fill the many vital roles it takes to put on such a shindig.  Luckily, Sarah was always right under our noses, being such a good friend, but one thing I am sure of is even if she and Josh are strangers to you, you will walk out of these precious, invaluable moments feeling like you have worked with very dear friends who completely understand you.

Many of the moments I remember from our wedding, and that I am sure I will remember from our first home, garden & first year together, are images Sarah has captured.  They aren’t poised moments, by far. They are graceful, peaceful, serene moments that I probably would have forgotten for the fast flow of life, had Sarah not been there.

Some of these images in particular are of the moment we first met on our wedding day in our neighborhood park.  Our request to Sarah, our family and friends, was to have that moment alone with just Sarah to capture it and suspend it in time.  We wanted that meeting to be free of the pressure or stress that having so many people around you on your wedding day can provide.  I remember having this conversation with Sarah & feeling nervous about that moment and not knowing if we would know how to stand or how to look at the camera and still be natural.

I think back on that beautiful sunny day, and because the cobwebs of life naturally take over and invade the finer details of important occasions, I remember only those little suspended moments in time where, prior to that morning it might have been about revealing my dress to Andy but, in that moment it became about taking my best friend’s hand and setting out on the most amazing journey.  And who knew it would be full of everything imaginable, both tears and smiles, which would lead to some more suspended little moments in our own backyard—free of the fear of how to make that moment perfect and completely confident that life will show you how it wants to be captured.

For every moment I remember, Andy is in my foresight, but Sarah is always in my peripheral.  And as a photographer, she is always there in that moment no matter what it is; capturing all the important pictures that moms and dads request via a list and still capturing the style and character of the Bride and Groom.  As an artist, Sarah enhances every peaceful, natural, uninhibited moment by being unobtrusive to whatever movements, smiles, touches and kisses need to happen to make you feel at home and like that moment was meant to be.

 Sarah and Josh are now forever in our lives via these remarkably beautiful and natural moments they captured.  So much so, that I have already warned Andy that when we have our first child, I will fly Sarah back from wherever life has taken her to, just so she can capture our pregnant moments.  And we will show them to our children and to our grandchildren, and when we have passed, our children will share them with our great grandchildren and so on like our family before us.  They will know that we were completely in love and fought fiercely to be ourselves always.  And they will know this through Sarah and Josh’s art, their craft and the way they’ve chosen to fight for their own dreams."